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David Klinke

I don't think the comparison between the two series if valid. Most Americans only vaguely knew of the British production. We certainly weren't comparing the characters to their British counterparts. For fans like me, the casting was great, the sets were great, the music was fantastic, and the story was very compelling. Maybe it came too soon after Lost, for Americans that may have grown tired of its constant twists and turns. I watched Lost all the way through, and I was frustrated, because I felt that the writers had lied - for a few years - about them not being dead. I was not happy the way they ended that. Why Life on Mars didn't make it here just demonstrates the fickleness of the American viewers, in my opinion. The one thing you are right about is that the writers totally botched the ending. Part of that is because the writers had to quickly wrap up a show that had not fully developed. No doubt they were a little pissed off that ABC didn't give the show more time. I certainly wasn't happy with the revamped Wizard of Oz ending, with all those holes in it.

So, how did the original series end things up? That's something you seemed to have left out.

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